Musician/ Actor / Visual artist



“A modern day troubadour and music industry survivor…”



Daniel Cartier is a musician and visual artist residing in Nashville Tennessee. Through multiple forms of creative expression he is a communicator who redefines the meaning of hard work.


Latest News

In September 2015 he released his back catalog digitally - alongside a new fifteen song album "Exeter", named after his hometown. The album was recorded in his childhood home after his parents passed away.


"Losing both my parents in such a short amount of time changed me deeply. I could no longer use fear as an excuse to not follow my heart. I knew I had to start singing again. My Dad sang beautifully and taught me how to play guitar. By hiding behind my fear of rejection, I was doing a disservice to the talent he passed onto me, and the belief both my parents had in me.


While I was helping my siblings clear out our childhood home I got the idea to set up a small portable studio in my childhood bedroom and record some traditional songs mom and dad loved, as well as some of my own songs inspired by this time of deep reflection." 



Daniel got his start in New York City, singing on subway platforms and street corners in the dead of winter. Discovered by Elton John - quite literally while singing for his supper - Daniel was signed to Elton’s label Rocket Records. Daniel’s first disc, “Live From New York: The Subway Sessions” was recorded live on a New York City subway platform, and proceeds were donated to various homeless organizations.  Says Daniel, “Many people who fall through the cracks of our society have no other place to rest their heads except the subway. Seeing as I was recording an album in their home - I felt it was important to give something back.” 


Daniel was then paired with legendary producer Fred Maher (10,000 Maniacs, Matthew Sweet, Lou Reed) to record his major label studio debut for Elton’s record label. The resulting album, “Avenue A”, was a critical smash, receiving 5-star reviews in various publications and landing on many “best of” lists at the year’s end. 


Daniel toured throughout America and Europe and made several appearances on national television (MTV, VH1, NY1 News, FX,CNN) radio in cities throughout the U.S, appeared in numerous magazines (Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Interview, HITS, PAPER, Vogue, Spin, New York Times, Boston Globe)


Writers have compared him to artists as diverse as Al Green, Cat Stevens, Donovan, Sonic Youth, the late Jeff Buckley, and "a kinder, gentler Prince." He has also been called "the James Taylor of the Lollapalooza Generation." 


Daniel’s music has been featured on numerous film soundtracks and television shows. His song “Stumbling Home” is featured on a CD for the benefit of ILGHCF, a non-profit human rights campaign fund. Daniel appears on the CD with U2, Throwing Muses, Melissa Ferrick, Indigo Girls, Everything But The Girl, and Billy Bragg among others. His song “She" was featured on the nationally released Rock the Vote CD, PROPAGANDA.


The accompanying "She" video, directed by talented filmmaker Steven Christopher, received the "Visions of U.S. Video Award" from the American Film Institute. In addition, the "She" video received a Silver Award at the WorldFest International Film Festival, and was entered into 200 other international film festivals by the WorldFest Organization.


As an openly gay artist, Daniel has never shied away from speaking out on subjects of equality and justice. At the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of The Stonewall rebellion that marked a turning point in the LGBT fight for acceptance, Daniel received a standing ovation from an estimated half a million people after performing his song, "Pushing Back Life."


Not wanting to be limited to recording only when a record label footed the bill, Daniel educated himself on the art of sound engineering and music production: recording CDs for himself and others in the process. His organic approach to songwriting and prolific ability has resulted in a catalog of over 800 songs spanning many different musical styles. When not recording, Daniel spends his time creating gigantic works of art, which have been shown in galleries througout America. He also began his acting career with a bang, landing roles in many films.


His most recent album, “Redemption”, produced by TONY® AWARD winning producer Joe McGinnis (Spring Awakening, Best Musical) and Derek Garten (Parachute Musical, Jewel, Band Of Horses) brings Daniel’s voice front and center. Symphonic elements — strings, horns, and woodwinds — weave through a landscape of thundering guitars, drums and electronic machinery. It’s classic vintage rock meets Modern Rock with a dash of Rufus Wainright drama - and features brilliant playing by members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, P-funk All Stars, The Wallflowers, Sheryl Crow’s backup band and The Nashville Symphony. From soaring cathedral sounds to down-and-dirty grit, Redemption provides a musical journey that speaks to the soul of every human trying to stay calm in a sometimes-crazy world.


Daniel has hosted countless fundraisers for animal shelters and donates his time and talent to both human- and animal-related charities. He’s been privileged to work with - and learn from - many accomplished people, among them Daryl Hall and Sir Elton himself. This résumé combined with innate talent makes Daniel’s music inspiring and unique.


Along with his upcoming release "Exeter", Daniel is currently working on four solo albums spanning four different genres, as well as accumulating tracks for his collaborative side projects - Calling Occupants (electronic music) and With Eyes On Fire (psychdellic stoner rock and New Wave).