This beautifully packaged deluxe edition CD comes with a 24 page booklet featuring photographs taken by Daniel in Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, New York City and Nashville. Produced by Cartier along with TONY® AWARD winning producer Joe McGinnis (Spring Awakening) and Nashville sound engineer Derek Garten, REDEMPTION brings Daniel’s voice front and center. Symphonic elements weave through a landscape of thundering guitars, drums and electronic machinery. Featuring performances by members of Sheryl Crow's backup band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, P-funk All Stars, The Wallflowers and more. From soaring cathedral sounds to down-and-dirty grit, Redemption provides a musical journey for everyone trying to stay calm in a crazy world.

Track Listing
1) Redemption
2) Slightly Delicate
3) Glass of Water
4) Hovering
5) Every Time that I Hear it
6) Proudfoot Mary
7) Mercy
8) Diving too Deep
9) Married
10) How it Goes
11) It’s Gonna take a Little Time
12) Bliss

Redemption - Deluxe Edition

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