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soul on a chain
the end of a chain is not a home

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Many dogs are forced to live on the end of a chain. You can make a difference! Share this video on Social Media, and raise money for your favorite animal rescue!


About the Song

A song sung from the point of view of a neglected dog, "Soul On A Chain" was inspired by real suffering a musician witnessed firsthand over the years.


The song "Soul On A Chain" tells the story of a dog living his entire life chained in a backyard. Aside from the feeling of abandonment all chained dogs must feel, many also suffer through scorching heat and freezing cold with little or no protection.  - Daniel Cartier 


"The song and it's video are my gift to animal rescues everywhere.  I invite everyone to use it, no strings attached, to raise money for their favorite animal charity!"
- Musician and animal advocate, Daniel Cartier

fundraising ideas


  1. Paste this link into your website's video sharing feature

  2. Include a note about why you're sharing it (see above example)

  3. Include a link to your favorite animal rescue's donation page.  

  4. You can also embed the video using the following code:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>


  1. Copy the link to the "Soul On A Chain" video:

  2. Go to Facebook

  3. Create a new post

  4. Choose "Raise Money" from the options

  5. A search bar will appear

  6. Locate your charity

  7. Paste the link to the video in the body of the post (do this AFTER locating your charity). 

  8. Share some words on why you're posting the video. Example: I'm sharing this video to raise money for my favorite animal rescue, and also remind people that no dog should be forced to live their entire life on a chain. Dogs deserve better! 

  9. PRESS "POST" .

    That's it! Thanks for spreading the word.


I want my music to help others 

How an independent musician  found happiness helping dogs in need.

Musician • Visual Artist • Devoted Dog Dad


Daniel Cartier is a musician and visual artist residing in Tennessee.  Through multiple forms of creative expression, he views creativity as a life saving force.


A lifelong animal advocate, Daniel wrote his song "Soul on a Chain" to try and shed light on the plight of neglected dogs. 


Says Daniel: "I’ve seen animals in horrible living situations, and I always try to help. Sometimes I'll talk to the animal’s owners. Other times I’ll call law enforcement. As I got older, the suffering of these animals resonated on an even deeper level. A dog chained up 24 hours a day is serving a life sentence for a crime they never committed. The only “crime” is the fact that people think it’s OK to treat another living soul this way. Dogs need to be part of the pack. They crave love, and desperately want to give love in return. To rob a dog of that is unbelievably cruel.


The reality is, many chained dogs were probably excited when they were led outside to be chained up. They didn't realize it would be forever. They probably thought they were about to go on a walk. Their tails probably wagged with excitement, and they thought “what adventure are we going on now?” 

With one click of a latch, they were suddenly confined to a tiny patch of yard, often for years. Thinking about this devastates me.

I decided I needed to do something to hopefully raise awareness, and let people know that dogs deserve better. treatment than this. 


I got the idea for a song sung from the point of view of a dog living its entire life on a chain. When I played it for people, they’d often start crying and saying people needed to hear it, so I recorded the song professionally, and my partner Corey directed a beautiful video for it that told the dog’s life story in more detail. 


We’re inviting animal rescues everywhere to use the song and video for their fundraising purposes. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to all the people devoting their lives to the rescue of neglected animals. 


The song and video won’t change the entire problem, but even if one dog winds up living a better life because of something I created, it’ll be worth it.

about the artist
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Lyrics to "Soul on a Chain"

daniel cartier soul on a chain.webp

"Soul On A Chain"
By Daniel Cartier

Soul on a chain
Out in the rain
I watch them as they come
I watch them go
Do they see me anymore?
I don’t know

Soul on a chain
It’s never explained
I watch the world rush by
And go away
I pace back and forth
But here I stay

Rain or shine
Or wind or sleet or snow you’ll find me
Rain or shine
I’m here beyond the back wall trembling
I’m not sure what it is I did
I’m not sure why they stopped loving me
Could I take it back?
Change everything?
And make them love me once again?


Soul on a chain
The night holds my pain
The stars they shine on down
And I long to be
Inside where it’s warm
And they still want me

Rain or shine

Or wind or sleet or snow you’ll find me
Rain or shine
I’m here beyond the back wall waiting and


I’m not sure what it is I did
Is this punishment for something long forgotten?
I’d take it back
Change everything
If they’d just love me once again


Rain or shine
Or wind or sleet or snow you’ll find me


Rain or shine
I’m here
I’m here!


Rain or shine or rain or shine
You know it’s never explained
It’s never explained
And until it changes I’ll remain


A soul on a chain
A soul on a chain
A soul on a chain

A soul on a chain
A soul on a chain
A soul on a chain

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