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"Infinite Stars": New Single by Daniel Cartier Loves You drops Friday 9.30.22

'Infinite Stars' is the new single from Daniel Cartier Loves You - the alter ego of music maestro Daniel Cartier.

“Infinite Stars” finds Cartier exploring a fresh electronic soundscape. It’s an exciting direction for the former folk-singing subway musician and Elton John protege (who famously signed Daniel to his label Rocket Records, allowing Daniel to record his critically acclaimed album "Avenue A" for Elton's label).

“Infinite Stars” showcases Daniel’s deep adoration for 1980s synth pop, dreamy electronica, and hypnotic dance music. It also pays tribute to Daniel's formative years when he first moved to New York City. Says Cartier, "I was a shy, gay club kind (or at least I was attempting to be a club kid). I moved to New York in the early 1990's from a small town in New Hampshire, and spent countless nights dancing to classic dance floor gems of the 1980s and 1990s. That's where I met my tribe of fellow artistic misfits. Drag queens, poets, performance artists, transgender trailblazers and fellow musicians. They all taught me to embrace who I was, and never apologize for it. They all seemed to hail from small towns somewhere too. Those classic house music tracks we danced to - and the infinite possibilities the future held out for us, inspired the dreamy vibe of 'Infinite Stars'. It's my love letter to that time period. I guess it could also be a love letter to someone in the present as well. Like all art, it's subjective..."

The single is sonically vast, boasting a thrilling culmination of airy vocals, which are symmetrically matched by bubbling arpeggiated synth lead lines and deep, driving bass and drum tracks. The vintage drum machines and splashes of retro synths share elements of work Daniel did for Elton John, and also the many synth inspired bands he played in as a teenager (Modern Art, Afternoon Lunartics, Dissidents) 'Infinite Stars' was recorded solely by Daniel at his home studio in McEwen Tennessee, while his 4 dogs slept at his feet. All of Daniel's dogs live with various handicaps (some are blind, some are deaf). Daniel has lovingly rescued them and cares for them all. His unique homegrown approach shines on "Infinite Stars".

"Infinite Stars", and the forthcoming album "Mix Tape Summer" (being released in March 2023) is Daniel’s love letter to summer jams, classic dance music, and dreamy nights when the whole world becomes one on a dance floor. At those magic moments - anything is possible.

Daniel Cartier is a musician, actor & visual artist who expresses his creative mind & genius in a broad spectrum of artistic mediums. Daniel got his start in New York City, singing on subway platforms and street corners in the dead of winter. Discovered by Elton John - quite literally while singing for his supper - he was signed to Elton’s label Rocket Records. Daniel’s first album, “Live From New York: The Subway Sessions” was recorded live on a New York City subway platform suitably representing the humble beginnings this artist has blossomed from. Daniel was then paired with legendary producer Fred Maher to record his major label studio debut for Elton’s record label. The resulting album, “Avenue A”, was a critical smash, receiving 5-star reviews in various publications and landing on many “best of” lists at the year’s end. Daniel toured throughout America and Europe and made several appearances on national television (MTV, VH1, NY1 News, FX,CNN) radio in cities throughout the U.S, appeared in numerous magazines (Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Vogue, New York Times.) As an openly gay artist, Daniel has never shied away from speaking out on subjects of equality, justice, giving back to those in need.


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