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Daniel Cartier's New Single Confronts Animal Abuse

Sung from the viewpoint of a dog living his life chained in a backyard, Daniel Cartier's new single "Soul On A Chain" was inspired by suffering he witnessed firsthand. Says Daniel: I've seen so many dogs during my life who were confined to a small patch of yard, pacing back and forth on a chain 24 hours a day. I even lived next door to a dog for 2 years who was never allowed off its chain. It broke my heart. He was so unhappy. The owners would feed him once a day and make sure he had water, but that was it. He was basically just left there all alone, surrounded by his own waste. We'd do what we could to try and get law enforcement involved, but without adequate tethering laws, the fact that he had a dog house, and some food left authorities with no recourse. The song and video are being sent to animal rescues across America with an open invitation to use them however they like, free of charge and with no strings attached, for whatever fundraising needs they have. I'd be honored if any of them used it for fundraising or awareness campaigns. The work these people are doing is so important. There are so many animals living in conditions that are heartbreaking. We need to do all we can to support these organizations, and help them do their noble work of saving lives. It would be nice if some songs didn't need to be written, but in order for things to get better, art often needs to deal with topics we don't want to think about.

The song will be available on all digital services Thursday February 23, 2023, along with the video, directed by Corey Michael Smithson. A Soul on a Chain website will help bring attention to animal related causes Daniel cares about. The goal is to spread awareness for, and provide fundraising content to, animal rescues around the world.

Cover art for "Soul On A Chain" by Daniel Cartier

A statement by Daniel on the Soul On A Chain website reads: Like pretty much all rational adults, I've always hated suffering. To see another living soul in pain with no escape is unbearable. This is why I can't let a moth stay trapped between window panes baking to death. It's why I can't use glue mousetraps that starve mice to death - usually in agonizing positions.

It's also why I can't stand by and watch a dog remain chained up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not do anything. To see an animal living like that - day in and day out in rain, snow, hot sunlight, extreme heat and extreme cold is too much for me to bear.

Dogs are pack animals who CRAVE companionship, so when I see a dog living this way, I know I'm seeing a soul that's suffering.

I did my best with this song, to give those dogs a voice.

What is a dog like that thinking? What kind of confused thoughts does he remember?

Does he remember being a puppy, and being loved by his mom?

Does he remember the love he possibly received as a puppy, or the cuddling and affection he may have received from a family before he grew up and stopped being "cute" to them?

Does he remember what caused the family to put him outside? Did he have an accident? Did he knock something over? Were the people too lazy to potty train him?

Does he remember the day he was led outside and put on the chain? What was he thinking in that moment? Was he excited, thinking that his owner was taking him for a walk? Was he scared when the owner hitched him to a tree or a post, and walked away instead?

Years later - is the dog still waiting for his owner to come outside unhitch him, and love him again?

I hope I gave these animal's suffering the weight and emotion it deserves. I long for a day when songs like this are unnecessary. Until then, I have no choice but to keep singing them, and doing whatever I can to advocate change for living creatures who can't advocate for themselves.



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