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Daniel Cartier celebrates "Mix Tape Summer"

Tennessee based recording artist Daniel Cartier announces the recording of "Mix Tape Summer", a forthcoming collection of songs inspired by 1980's dance-floor anthems. This will be in addition to an acoustic album and various musical side projects he's currently working on (With Eyes On Fire, Calling Occupants).

"I've always loved a good groove," says Cartier. "I want this collection of songs to evoke sweaty crowded dance-floors, strobe lights, happy DJs... and driving down a sun washed road, singing along to a favorite song as it blares out of the speakers. The world needs good vibes right now. We need good vibes desperately". "Mix Tape Summer" is set for a 2023 release, with various singles and videos being released in the months leading up to the official album launch.. Pre-order here. Purchasing merchandise (links to some of the cool stuff below) from Daniel's online store will also benefit the recording of "Mix Tape Summer". See you on the dance floor!


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