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Daniel Cartier Announces Patreon Perks

Musician and visual artist announces his new PATREON PAGE filled with exciting rewards for fans in a VIDEO starring himself and his faithful hound dog bear (watch video below).

Returning to music full time at the age 53, Cartier looks forward to communicating with fans via Patreon, and allowing the platform to help him fund his music and artistic projects, as well as care for the amazing pack of handicapped dogs he's blessed to live with.

Says Daniel, "I would love to live in a world where creating quality content was always free. When that happens, it's lovely - but usually some very talented people (producers, assistants, videographers, musicians, sound engineers, artists and collaborators) rightfully need to be compensated for their valuable contributions to my work. Patreon is one of the methods I can hopefully make that happen." Cartier is currently working on his upcoming release "Mix Tape Summer"; a collection of songs inspired by summer jams and dance floors, as well as dance remixes, an acoustic album of fully improvised songs, a book of musings, and exclusive music and art for my all my soon to be new friends here on Patreon!


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