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Art, Art, And MORE Art

I'm excited to finally put more art up on my website. I've been meaning to update this portion of my website for some time, but I've been so crazy recording music and dealing with the release of my latest album MIX TAPE SUMMER that I had to set aside my visual art for a while (read more...)

Prints of some of my favorite designs are now available for sale, and I'll continue to add more over time. I've started with the three pieces I love - "Blue Dog", the graffiti inspired photon collage "Messages", and also my collage piece "Into The Trees". I'm always grateful when life allows us the opportunity to express ourselves, whether by making art, recording music, or just daring to share our deepest dreams, openly with one another. Each purchase made on this website (including these art prints), allows me to continue on my creative journey. You (quite literally) are helping "art to fund more art". The fact that it also allows people to have a new piece of artwork in their home is an added bonus, but one I don't take lightly. Knowing something I've created is hanging in your home is a huge honor for me. Thank you!

With an unlimited amount of love in my heart!




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