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Singer Records Album in Childhood Home Honoring Parent's Memory

Former NYC subway musician and Elton John protogee, Daniel Cartier has returned to his childhood home to recorded an album honoring his parents who recently passed away. An IndieGogo Crowdfunding page has been set up to help cover the costs of finishing the album.

- Album is being recorded in childhood home.

- Songs pay tribute to singer’s recently deceased parents

- The album, titled “Exeter”, is named after hometown.

- Online fundraiser launched to help with album’s completion.

Cartier with his parents circa 1975

(above) Cartier with his parents Joanne & Jacques - circa 1975.

Cartier is recording his latest album “Exeter” (named after his hometown) in his childhood home. The album honors his recently deceased parents, Jacques & Joanne Cartier.

“2014 was a painful year. Both my parents passed away, and I knew I’d soon say goodbye to the home I grew up in. Mom and Dad lived in the house - located in the heart of Exeter NH - for sixty years. They raised six amazing kids there. It seemed like the perfect place to record a collection of songs honoring their legacy.” - Daniel Cartier.

The album will feature songs Cartier remembers from his childhood (“Oh Danny Boy”, “Morning Has Broken”, “Amazing Grace”) as well as original compositions inspired by his childhood.

Cartier looks towards the skyline of his hometown, Exeter New Hampshire.

(above) Cartier looks towards the skyline of his hometown, Exeter New Hampshire.

“Saying goodbye is never easy. I want this to be an album that offers hope to anyone suffering through a loss. My dad was an amazing singer who taught me how to play guitar, and my mother was the kindest person I’d ever known. I can’t imagine two people more deserving of a tribute. It’s an honor to celebrate their lives in song.” - Daniel Cartier

The album’s fundraiser runs through May 11, 2015. A summer 2015 release date is being planned.


(Above) Cartier plays guitar with his father Jacques. "My dad instilled a love of music in me, and I'll always be grateful to him for that."


New Hampshire native Daniel Cartier achieved considerable attention in the late 1990’s after landing a record deal on Elton John’s label Rocket Records. Hs music has been featured on numerous soundtracks, and his signature tattooed head has appeared in countless media outlets including MTV, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, VH1 and Rolling Stone. He’s worked and/or performed with numerous music luminaries including Daryl Hall, Ani Defranco, Debbie Harry, Sir Elton John, Jeff Buckley, The Indigo Girls, Lisa Loeb, TONY Award Winning producer Joe McGinnis and many more. He was recently honored by The Exeter Area High School Alumni Association for his achievements, and performed at the school for students. He currently resides in Nashville Tennessee. A more detailed bio can be found on his website:!about/c10fk

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