REVIEW - "(Cartier's) most personal disc to date, "You and Me Are We" gets off to a powerful start with the devastating “Right Arm". From there, the album takes off in many different directions, tracking Cartier’s experience getting through rehab (the stunning “Fly”), his dead-end relationship with a narcissistic hipster (“Pretty Boy”), and his ongoing desire to find a true soul mate (“Just Wanted to Fall”). A surprisingly good, club-ready cover of Gary Newman’s “Cars” gives Cartier a chance to show off his best gospel voice... but it’s the disc’s closing track, the somber, pensive “Unfinished Business” that provides the melancholy but hopeful finish that this deeply satisfying and ultimately uplifting piece of work needed. It’s not to be missed."  AMPLIFIER MAGAZINE ONLINE

Track Listing
1 Right Arm
2 Great
3 Pretty Boy
4 Lay It On
5 The Doofus Of Love
6 Giving Into You
7 Just Wanted To Fall
8 Fly
9 Cars
10 Lilly Of The Valley
11 Unfinished Business.

You And Me Are We

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