13 songs find Daniel exploring various styles - from the dance floor anthem (with a country twang) "Everybody Wants to Be Loved By Somebody" to the quiet longing of "All The Times I've Seen You Go By".  Says The Advocate Online, "the self-produced Revival is a solid work. It’s the kind of album that you initially have on in the background while doing household chores, but with each new spin more and more of your attention is demanded. Eventually, you just have to put down that Swiffer and surrender to the music."

Track Listing
1 Lay It On
2 Beautiful
3 Everybody Wants To Be Loved By Somebody
4 Good Time
5 Supafly
6 Reviving
7 Locked Away
8 What's It Gonna Be? (For Matthew Shepherd)
9 All The Times I've Seen You Go By
10 Spin
11 Under The Willow Tree
12 Life Could Be
13 Fall On Me


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