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The inspiration for my song "Little Bird"

My song “Little Bird”, is for anyone who finally dares to “spread their wings” and follow their dreams. It’s the last song I recorded for my album “Mix Tape Summer”, but one I wrote to myself years ago, when I was still trying to get up my nerve to take a pay cut at my day job and start making music full time again.

I had all these negative thoughts in my head, preventing me from taking the leap. I kept telling myself I was “too old” and that my dreams of being a musician were “stupid”. Years passed with no action on my part - because I let those voices win.

When I finally dared to take the plunge, it was like a million holidays rolled into one magic moment. The feeling of exhilaration and excitement was the best feeling I’d ever felt. Financial worries and insecurities be damned! I was finally giving myself permission to be MY TRUE SELF. To be true to ourselves can be scary, but ultimately it’s one of life’s best feelings when we finally dare to fly.

In the past few years this song has come to symbolize so many more people I’ve seen in my journey.

People starting lives over again later on in life.

Young adults leaving the safety of their parent’s nest to go to college, or move to a big city and follow their dreams.

Anyone daring to branch out of isolation and become part of the “bigger world”.

Someone struggling with addiction (like I did for years), finally reaching out and asking for help.

Someone leaving a toxic or abusive relationship.

In short… this song could be for all of us. I think we all sometimes feel like “little birds” who are scared to take that leap of faith and see if our wings will let us fly.

But eventually, if the longing in our souls becomes too great, we try… and when we’re finally flying, those first few moments are some of the best moments of bliss, grace and freedom we get to feel while we’re alive.

There’s nothing else like it.

On the liner notes of the "Mix Tape Summer" CD, I dedicated this song in part to Dylan Mulvaney, who's appearance on a single bottle of beer caused a massive uproar in conservative circles. The fact that Dylan happened to be transgender made her appearance unacceptable to millions of people. Boycotts of the beer company ensued - as did a tidal-wave of hateful posts and slurs. Bomb threats were even made. To see so much ugly, unnecessary hatred directed at one person broke my heart.

I didn’t know who Dylan was before the “Bud Light beer bottle incident”, but I have transgender friends who I love dearly. Having watched a bunch of Dylan’s videos since everything caught fire - I’ve been amazed at the amount of grace and dignity she’s displayed in her reactions.

The tsunami of hatred being thrown at her is more than you or I will ever experience. Hating her, and making Bud Light go bankrupt (because they had the audacity to embrace diversity) has become an ugly sport. I’m left heartbroken to see so many people - millions of people - rolling around in such hatefulness. It’s pathetic and sad.

So Dylan… this song is for you too. Keep being true to yourself. I for one, am a new fan who’s applauding your journey.

To anyone out there who has a dream they keep running away from, or who’s aching to embrace who they really are… I'm rooting for you. I’m cheering you on. There’s no better time than right now to begin following our dreams and answering the calls of our heart.

Much love to everyone. Daniel

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