Hillary vs. Bernie (or) The Hawk vs. The Dove

Hillary vs. Bernie


The Hawk vs. The Dove

I highly suggest watching the "Cold War" episode of CNN's amazing docu-series "The Sixties". It gives a great look into the mind of John F. Kennedy - and the importance of not being a "Hawk".

Although not a perfect man, his tactic of NOT invading Cuba during the missile crisis (when all his military advisors urged him to) saved the world from an all-out war with Russia, and led to a period of (somewhat) peace with the Soviets

Granted, I think he'd learned his lesson with the tragedy of the Bay Of Pigs. When pressed further he said he thought we needed to also withdraw from our early efforts in Vietnam, but sadly, his assassination and LBJ's ascent to the presidency led to increased action in the region - and sealed the fate of thousands of our American troops.

One can only wonder how different the world would have been had JFK got to serve a second term.

Why is this important now?

Look at our Democratic candidates.

Who is the hawk? Who is the dove? Who is the person advocating peaceful negotiation - and who has a known history of aggression - which leads to regret?

On the subject of Israel, who comes off sounding ridiculously hawkish? Who is advocating peaceful alternatives?

Who is risking being unpopular by correctly stating we work with both sides; supporting Israel's right to defend itself while also addressing the massive devastation in Palestine, and the glaring humanitarian problems they now face (such as access to medicine and clean drinking water for the devastated areas)?

Which candidate will steer us in the direction of peace? Which will immediately gravitate to war?

Which candidate is currently under investigation - and has referred to Iraq as a “great business opportunity”?

This is what's at stake. Who will we regret (or thank) in 40 years?

There is a reason so many of us support Bernie Sanders - and will ONLY vote for him.

We are all ages, all races, all walks of life, religions, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds.

I myself harbor no ill will to supporters of Hillary. I respect your decision to do so - but I can not join you in supporting her. Like her vote on Iraq, her dismal tenure as Secretary of State with screw ups in Libya and Honduras - regret always seems to follow.

I want to be thanking a dove in 40 years. Not lamenting a hawks actions.

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