Politics Aren't Nice - Why our Democratic Party Infighting is a Good Thing

It’s funny when two needs come together. I’ve been posting long-winded status updates on my Facebook Page (about the Primary) and realized they were long enough to be blog posts. It then dawned on me that my poor neglected website had a blog - one which I never used. So… here I am blogging!

I’m going to start blogging about this election (and other stuff) because - well - if someone like Anne Coulter can blog, why not me? This particular blog entry is about the current Democratic Party (NEWSFLASH: our Democratic Party is not getting along with one another). Here are some thoughts I had about “playing nice”.

Politics Aren't Nice - Why our Democratic Party Infighting is a Good Thing

I've heard some people complain about Hillary and Bernie bashing - and how we all need to "stick together" and only focus on the positive attributes of our chosen candidate (i.e. don't say anything bad about their opponent).

I can understand everyone's desire to be the peaceful party.


Someone said something that struck a chord with me. I want to share it with you. I hope it helps.

What we're doing right now is "priming our party" for the general election - hence the word "primary".

In sports terms (ugh) it's basically like being in spring training. We're gearing up (or toughening up) whatever potential candidate we choose, so they can go into battle for us this autumn.

It's imperative our nominee represents the Democratic party as it stands RIGHT NOW in 2016 (not 2012 or 2008). If Hillary or Bernie get to be the nominee - they'll be representing the 2016 Democratic Party. It's an undeniably passionate - undeniably fractured party. They need to accept it - and deal with it.

There's a swath of people who want to play within the normal guidelines, and there's also a massive "anti-establishment" movement happening all across America - in both the Democratic AND Republican Parties. We can complain about each other and vilify the people who don't "fall in line with the party" exactly the same way we do - or we can come to terms with it.

Furthermore - it's extremely important THE CANDIDATES THEMSELVES are fully aware of the disparity - and are willing to take it on. It's important they're prepared to represent TODAY'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (with warts and all). They need to be willing to go out and do battle for a party that currently has immense unrest. All the questions, drama, complaints, grievances differences and concerns must be unearthed NOW - and talked about OPENLY - or else we go into Autumn in full on denial mode.

And as for our nominees - they're tough. They both knew what they were getting into when they signed on for this hayride. When we chide each other for "going negative" and implore one another to "go easy on them" and "lay off the criticism" - it does them both a world of disservice.

If either one of them crumbled into a blubbering mess because a wing of the Democratic Party was angry with them... or had questions regarding their past, voting records, ethics or whatever... I can't even imagine how they'd handle the Republican's firing squad when it came time to do battle in the fall.

Consider our questioning (of both Bernie and Hillary) as us helping them both toughen up their armor for battle.

I really wish we'd do away with this stupid two party system altogether. I'd love to see 4,5, 6 or even 10 amazing candidates on a Presidential ballot some day.... and a Congress or Senate that was beholden to two rigid and opposing ideologies.

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